Becoming an Intuitive Eater


I’m not sure where this quote derives from but it’s perfect!

Sometimes, I’m the worst at following my own advice and tend to under-eat or overeat on different occasions.

As a military spouse in grad school and two young kiddos in preschool part-time, I’ve definitely been struggling with learning how to take care of myself along the way.
For the past two years, I’ve had periodic bouts of dizziness and just plain exhaustion. I’ve asked both my primary care and gyno to test my thyroid function (runs in my family) and they both shrugged it off like it wasn’t a big deal since I’m young. It’s been chalked up to anxiety or PPD, or because I’m in grad school, or due to my husband being gone a lot, etc. etc.
It finally took me advocating for my own health to realize that this isn’t just in my head. On a whim I decided to see a functional medicine practitioner/chiropractor this past week just to see if I can get an adjustment for neck pain (hello online grad school and probably from nursing both my girls) and blood work done. Low and behold they pulled up my last blood work after I had my youngest daughter to find that my iron was super low. I continued to nurse my daughter for 20 months and then we finally stopped because her blood work revealed her iron levels were low. But I had no clue this could have been from my own iron stores being low, because my doctor NEVER told me. 

Luckily, I’m on the mend now, but it is SO important as mom’s, spouses, girlfriends, whatever, that we advocate for our health. We can get wrapped up in caring for everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves.

I stopped eating a lot of meat during both of my pregnancies because I developed a severe aversion during the first trimester (in both pregnancies) and it probably didn’t help that I had to take a class on livestock right after I had my second daughter (talk about GROSS and cool all at the same time). But lately, I’ve been adding more pastured-raised beef to my diet because it sounds amazing. I’m hoping along with a few dietary adjustments and supplements under the guidance of my new doctor that I’ll be feeling relief soon.  This just goes to show the power of intuitive eating. I should probably take time to follow my own advice of slowing down to figure out what my body is wanting to eat besides mindlessly consuming the leftovers from my kiddo’s plates (trying to reduce food waste over here, because kids are so wasteful!!!).

More on how we meal plan for intuitive eating, soon!


Cheers to conscious living,





The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only.  We do not treat, diagnose or cure any condition.  Always consult your physician before making any significant diet, lifestyle or prescription drug changes.



Author: A Nutritionist And A Cook

Welcome to A Nutritionist and A Cook! We are a husband and wife with two little girls currently living the military life on the East Coast. I (the wife), “B”, am a “Bachelor Qualified Nutritionist” (undergrad in Nutrition and Food Science) and currently pursing a masters degree in Sustainable Food Systems. My husband, “K”, was once a kitchen manager of a fine dining restaurant in our old college town. He is currently serving in the military, but loves cooking for the family when he is home. Together we are a military family learning to live and cook with a conscious 🇺🇸✌🏼🌎 All dietary preferences are welcome. The intention of this blog is to create an open discussion on the current issues food system and how we as consumers can help create a sustainable future.

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