The Podcast Roundup

I blame my husband for this post. We were on a short-road trip for a quick holiday celebration when he turned on a podcast. Joe Rogan to be exact <–(My husband’s favorite). The podcast was pretty awesome and our oldest daughter actually took a nap out of sheer boredom. I was sold!!

When I discovered all of the amazing podcasts talking about alternative food movements, I became obsessed. I have gained such a great perspective on health, mindfulness, organic farming, social justice, and cultural perspectives centered around food & farming  from these great podcasts.

Here are some that I’m currently listening to (keep in mind some of these podcasts are vulgar, however I’ll list my favorite kids podcast at the end-my four year old LOVES it):


  • This one is a given, as Marjorie Alexander went to Green Mountain College and actually developed this podcast as her capstone project. Although, I  didn’t know that when I first started listening to A Sustainable Mind. Soooo good! If you want insights on anything sustainable, give this podcast a listen!


  • Real Food Reads from Anna Lappé. This podcasts covers all the books pertaining to our broken food system. My favorite one so far is episode 16: New Food Activism.


  • Racist Sandwich Podcast. Check your privilege before listening to this one. This one gets into many cultural and social justice issues surrounding food and our food system. I highly recommend this one if you may not understand social barriers to food here in the US and in the world.


  • Female Farmer Project. Ahhhhmazing. This one is all about those amazing, trailblazing women who pursue farming as a career. These women are mothers, business-owners, veterans, and more. I love love love this project.


For mindfulness:

  • Mindful (Mostly). Life isn’t perfect, zero waste isn’t always possible, and this podcast really makes me laugh, feel motivated, and sparks great conversations.


For Kiddos:


Hope you enjoy these podcasts! Let me know what you think about them as you listen. I will be sharing way more along the way. Also, if you have a favorite one that you would like to share, please let me know!!! I’ll be sharing my favorite and current reads next.


Cheers to conscious living,






Author: A Nutritionist And A Cook

Welcome to A Nutritionist and A Cook! We are a husband and wife with two little girls currently living the military life on the East Coast. I (the wife), “B”, am a “Bachelor Qualified Nutritionist” (undergrad in Nutrition and Food Science) and currently pursing a masters degree in Sustainable Food Systems. My husband, “K”, was once a kitchen manager of a fine dining restaurant in our old college town. He is currently serving in the military, but loves cooking for the family when he is home. Together we are a military family learning to live and cook with a conscious 🇺🇸✌🏼🌎 All dietary preferences are welcome. The intention of this blog is to create an open discussion on the current issues food system and how we as consumers can help create a sustainable future.

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