Earth Day, Every Day (Continued)

I was approached by a few on my last blog post and finding local farmers. I realize that farmers markets can be tricky for those who want to attend with busy schedules and finding local farmers may be tricky for those who live in both urban and rural environments. I am listing below other ways you can find your food locally, regionally, or grown with the ecosystem in mind.

  • There are many grocery stores now who are supporting local farmers. Our local Kroger sells milk from a regional farm who also bottles in GLASS. You have to pay a small deposit fee but it’s returned to you as soon as you return the bottle to the store.
  • If you’re lucky, there are also many regional farm to doorstep companies that are popping up over the country. This has saved my life as a busy grad school mom of two and military spouse. I can guarantee every Thursday that I will have fresh veggies (and sometimes more!!) delivered to my doorstep.
  • CSA’s-Community Supported Agriculture. This is a great way to get your food packaged and picked up on set days. Community Supported Agriculture is basically an investment to give the farmer an upfront cost to produce X amount of produce. Farming is time-consuming and costly, so CSA’s are really beneficial to those farmers who take the time in growing food for us.
  • Farmer’s Market Buyer’s Club- Similar to a farmer’s market and CSA, however usually a membership that allows you to have a box from area farmers to pick up on said time and location.
  • Starting a backyard organic garden! (My family is starting this as I type this!!) You do not have to have a giant yard to do this either. Container gardens are amazing. There are many great blogs, local resources, and even businesses that help grow a kitchen garden if interested. I’ll share our process as we continue on (probably to ask for advice too..hah).

I realize shopping like this is totally different from the typical grocery store model. The reason I try to support local and regional farms is because I know exactly who is producing my food, I’m supporting the local economy, and I’m helping out small family farmers <–farming consolidation is a HUGE issue and actually adds to current food systems issues and public health crisis.

Of course there are many other ways to help celebrate Earth Day, Every Day….

Here is a great & quick read: Simple Ways to Save Our Planet: 500 Ways to Make an Impact


Cheers to Conscious Living,


P.S. These post are not meant to shame or make anyone feel that they have to adapt to a certain lifestyle immediately. Sustainability is a process. One in which my family is SLOWLY transitioning over to. We are not perfect by any means, but starting as simple as possible is the first step. Whether it is saying no to plastic straws, picking up trash on the beach/neighborhood park, and/or conserving water & electricity usage.


Author: A Nutritionist And A Cook

Welcome to A Nutritionist and A Cook! We are a husband and wife with two little girls currently living the military life on the East Coast. I (the wife), “B”, am a “Bachelor Qualified Nutritionist” (undergrad in Nutrition and Food Science) and currently pursing a masters degree in Sustainable Food Systems. My husband, “K”, was once a kitchen manager of a fine dining restaurant in our old college town. He is currently serving in the military, but loves cooking for the family when he is home. Together we are a military family learning to live and cook with a conscious 🇺🇸✌🏼🌎 All dietary preferences are welcome. The intention of this blog is to create an open discussion on the current issues food system and how we as consumers can help create a sustainable future.

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